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United Innovative Solutions – Turnkey

Turn-key saves you the time and the hassle of sourcing your parts.

UIS can do full or partial turn-key assemblies with any combination of parts or boards that you order or we source for you.

Full Turn-Key

We will handle the entire process—including ordering all parts (circuit boards and components), online order tracking and management, assembly, quality inspection and final shipment.

Partial Turn-Key

Order the circuit board or the components and then UIS will order the remaining parts, handle order tracking and management, assembly, quality inspection and final shipment.

How it Works?

To submit a turn-key order, you must pay for all materials up front before UIS can proceed. See terms and conditions for more details.

If a part is not available, experienced UIS staff will research possible crosses or substitution parts and then contact you with a list of questions and possible options before placing orders. We have dedicated purchasing staff available to answer questions and communicate about the status of the turn-key order.

Note: The procurement time is in addition to the lead time. Turn around on the order does not start until parts have been ordered and received by us. On a standard order, average lead time is 7-10 days before assembly can start.

Turn-Key Capabilities Overview

  • Full selection of parts sourcing available
  • Wide range of PCB fabrication available
  • Coordinated sourcing, shipping and assembly to speed up your order

Turn-Key Capabilities Details:

Parts Guarantees: No unauthorized part substitutions
No inappropriate part crosses
No counterfeit or grey-market parts
No added expenses for wasted time and materials
No parts that can’t be used if their lifespan expires
PCB Options Available: Rigid and Flex circuits
Heavy Copper
We choose the best PCB fabrication house for customer’s needs
Necessary files: Bill of Materials in Microsoft Excel format
Gerber files generated by your CAD program
Centroid data
Assembly drawings
PCBs with silkscreens indicating polarity, if we are not sourcing your PCBs
Turnaround time: The procurement time is in addition to lead times. Turnaround times are guaranteed for UIS’s assembly services only.
On a standard order, average order lead time is 7-10 days before assembly can start.
The clock starts when we receive all parts for your order.
If we have a question, we will call you to clarify. If we can’t reach you, we will stop the clock until we get clarification.
Restrictions: There is a $150 minimum order on materials for a turn-key order
Have A Question?

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