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UIS – PCB Design Solutions

Printed Circuit Boards Design Solutions

UIS is a trusted name in the industry for inventive and futuristic printed circuit boards design solutions. Our Design for Manufacturability (DFM) approach aids us in providing PCB design services for low, medium, and high volume orders with ease and proficiency. With us, you can get the best designing solutions for your PCBs at highly feasible costs.

Features of UIS’s Printed Circuit Boards Design Solutions:

One might wonder why it is imperative to choose UIS for PCB design services. Well, our services offer following features that make the PCB designing process highly efficient:

  • Our highly experienced team of engineers works with you, the customer, to understand the exact needs of your product. They design the PCBs in a way that they easy to manufacture and efficient for utilization.
  • We believe in having a technologically advanced approach and thus utilize the latest in printed circuit design tools to create a product that will meet your requirements.
  • We have orchestrated our process in such a way that all the quality standards are met while designing the PCBs.
  • We use our knowledge of HDI designs and analog designs to create a printed circuit boards that will meet industry standards.
Overview of Our Printed Circuit Boards Design Process:

Our printed circuit boards design process comprises:

  • Concept and Bill of Materials: Our engineers carefully discuss your requirements and based on the specifications, they create a schematic concept. This concept is made to detail the design features and functional aspects. In order to ensure superior quality, high performance, and longevity, we opt for new, durable materials for the manufacture of our PCBs.
  • Component Placing and Testing: We pay scrutinized attention while assembling the prototype board. With the help of bus routers and differential pairs, we assemble and test our PCBs for quality and performance. We also create test data generation reports to ensure that the prototype is ready for the next phase.
  • Fine Tuning and Delivery: We concentrate on all issues from signal integrity to RF frequency until we get the product to perform according to the required specifications. It is only when all your specified PCB needs are met; we send the final product for delivery.
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