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United Innovative Solutions – PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly Services

UIS is capable of two types of printed circuit board assembly services. They are full and partial turn-key services.

Full Turn-Key covers all aspects of PCB fabrication and assembly, including manufacture of PCBs, parts procurement, tracking of online orders, quality inspections, and final PCB assembly.

In Partial Turn-Key, the customer is responsible for supplying the PCBs and a partial list of parts. UIS will order the remaining parts and perform the assembly according to the customer’s requirements. We can also kit the parts.

Supported Capabilities of our Circuit Card Assembly Services:

Types THD (Thru-Hole Device)
SMT (Surface-Mount Technology)
SMT & THD mixed
2 sided SMT and THD assembly
 Quantities 1 – 5000 PCBs
Parts / Components Passives parts, smallest size 0201
Fine pitch to 8 Mils
BGA, uBGA, QFN,POP and Leadless chips
Connectors and terminals
Component Package Reels
Cut tape
Tube and tray
Loose parts and bulk
Dimensions Smallest: 0.2″ x 0.2″
Largest: 15″ x 20″
Shape of PCB’s Rectangular
Slots and Cut outs
Complex and Irregular
Types of PCB’s Rigid FR-4
Rigid-Flex boards
Types of Assembly Process Leaded process
Lead-Free (RoHS)
File Format of PCB Design Gerber RS-274X
Bill of Materials (.xls, .csv, . xlsx)
Centroid data file (Pick-N-Place/XY file)
Sales/Support Emails
Online quotes PCB and assembly labor
Electrical testing X-ray Inspection
Automated Optical Inspection
Functional testing
Profile of Ovens Standard
Time to Turn-around 1 to 5 days for only PCB assembly
10 to 16 days for turnkey PCB assembly

How We Test Our Final Automated Circuit Assemblies

UIS uses a variety of testing methodologies to ensure the assembled boards are functional prior to shipping. They are:

  • Basic Quality Test: visual inspection.
  • X-ray Inspection: tests for BGAs, QFN and bare PCBs.
  • AOI Checks: tests for solder paste, 0201 components, missing components and polarity.
  • ICT (In-Circuit Test) / Functional test: according to the customer’s testing procedures.

ISO 9001 Quality Certification

UIS’s production facilities are ISO9001 certified.

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