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United Innovative Solutions – Delivery Guarantee

What Do We Guarantee?

We strive to produce every order on time and with 100% yield. We guarantee to ship at least 50% of your finished printed circuit board assemblies by the day your order is due, with the balance as soon as possible.

  • If we are one day late, we will refund 50% of your assembly labor cost.
  • If we are two days late, the labor portion of your order is free.

This guarantee applies to standard process jobs that ship within the U.S. and are below our $15,000 web order threshold. For jobs over $15,000 or outside our standard assembly process, call us to place your order and discuss turnaround time.

PCB Assembly Time

The start date of your order officially begins once we have received all your files and materials. Materials are considered received if they arrive at our dock by noon Central Standard Time.
If there is a problem with missing information or parts, parts mismatches, or defects, we will pause work until we can get ahold of you and fix the problem.

Turn-Key Orders

On orders where UIS purchases the materials, we still guarantee an on-time delivery date. Work starts when all materials sent by you as well as those purchased by us have been received. Materials are considered “received” that arrive at our dock by noon Central Standard Time.

Work Days and Start Times

  • We work all weekdays except for holidays. Weekends and holidays do not count toward turn times.
  • Your files need to be complete and received at UIS by noon the day before your materials kit arrives. Work on the order starts if your kit is received and complete before noon. If not, work starts on the day that we have a complete and correct kit and files set before noon.

WEATHER EXEMPTION: Like anyone, UIS is sometimes affected by things we cannot control, such as adverse weather, which can cause delays. Weather delays will be noted on our website and may affect assembly turnaround.

Have A Question?

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