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United Innovative Solutions – PCB Fabrication Services

PCB Fabrication Services

We offer Multi Layer, Rigid and Flex PCB’s. Got Metal? We also offer exotic substrates such as Aluminum Core PCB’s, Nelco, Arlon, and many others. Please contact us for a quote for Flex, Aluminum or any other exotic substrates you need.

UIS, Printed circuit board manufacturer based in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, provides PCB Fabrication services for single, double or multi-layer PCBs in prototype, low volume production amounts with a wide range of materials and technology options.

Leveraging our design and assembly services in a turnkey production system, we can provide low-cost PCB manufacturing of the highest quality. We use a variety of inspection methodologies to ensure the functionality of the final product. These methodologies include visual inspection of all PCBs, electrical testing (Flying probe or Nails Bed), sample lot and cross-section inspections.

We can operate on tight deadlines when necessary. Standard prototype PCBS are typically scheduled for 5-day deliveries. Standard production PCBs are shipped in 10 days. Rush jobs can be delivered in 24 hours when requested.

Circuit Board Physical Requirements Maximum Panel size: 19.7″ x 31.5″
Maximum Number of Layers: 1-30
Copper Thickness: 0.5 oz to 5.0 oz
Minimum Line Width: 3 mil
Minimum Line spacing: 3 mil
Smallest Hole: 0.006″
Blind, Buried and plugged Vias
Controlled impedance
 Types of Materials  Thickness: 0.008″ to 0.240″
High TG FR-4
Aluminum Base
Specialized material as requested
Solder Mask Choices LPI – Green, Yellow, Black, Red, Blue or others as requested
Peelable Mask
Types of Finishes SMOBC (HASL)
Selective Gold Plating
Hard and Soft Gold
Immersion Gold
Immersion Silver
Immersion Tin
Legend Types White
Other colors as requested
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