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United Innovative Solutions – Quality Assurance Guarantee

Quality Assurance Guarantee

PCB Manufacturing & Assembly Quality Management System

United Innovative Solutions maintains a documented printed circuit board manufacturing and assembly “Quality Management System” designed and implemented to fulfill the requirements of our PCB customers. It goes beyond quality levels you will normally see in the PCB industry, regulatory and applicable national and international standards.

PCBs Guaranteed to be Manufactured to Your Specifications

Our PCB guarantee goes beyond a declaration on a piece of paper. It’s a functioning system that ensures that your printed circuit board order is manufactured to your specifications. The system creates a framework for clearly defining the control of printed circuit board materials, processes, and verification activities, thus providing our customers with confidence that the manufacture of printed circuit boards is performed in a well-defined and controlled environment.

Quality planning isn’t an isolated initiative at UIS. It is built into our system and does not exist as a single document. From our executive managers at our PCB manufacturing & assembly company, to each of our staff who contribute to our exceptional PCB manufacturing and assembly services, UIS provides the highest quality printed circuit boards to our customers.

“PROTOTYPES (Standard Spec) ON TIME … Done Right the First Time” stands as a testament to the customers of UIS that they have our commitment that the products they receive will be not only on time, but first-time quality. To improve the quality consistency needed to deliver on time, UIS continually strives to seek out improvements in process, products and equipment. Most importantly, there is a continuous investment in employee training at all levels.

Our Quality Assurance Program Includes:

  • Each of our production process work instructions provide the acceptance and rejection criteria for each of the 90 plus processes in fabricating your circuit board. In addition, there are “first article” requirements for many steps throughout the course of the manufacturing process.

  • Customer specifications and drawings follow along with each order as part of the traveler that accompanies all orders – Small quantity or production PCBs.

  • At UIS, IPC Class 2 provides the default standard if you do not assign a particular requirement. We work hard to “Make it Right the First Time”!

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