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United Innovative Solutions – File & Kitted Requirements

File & Kitted Requirements

Agile manufacturing requires teamwork and excellent communication based on flexible requirements. Our experts can assemble your PCB using a variety of electronic data, but please observe the following guidelines to avoid a delay.

File Requirements:

For any assembly job, UIS will need your files 24 hours before your assembly is scheduled to start. You can upload files during the online ordering process or email them to after you’ve submitted your order. Please combine all files into a single ZIP file and include your order number in the email subject field.

Depending on the assembly service you are using, United Innovative Solutions requires you provide some or all the following data:

  • Bill of Materials (BOM) in .xls, .xlsx, .csv, or tab-delimited text document.
    NOTE: BOM files can converted from other formats for a $125.00 fee. Learn how to do BOMs right here.
  • RS-274X Gerber files as generated by your CAD program as if you were sending them for PCB fabrication. At a minimum we need silkscreen, solder paste (or stencil), and top and bottom copper layers for assembly.
  • Centroid (aka Pick-and-Place) file.
  • Alternatively, ODB++ files, ASCII-Formatted CAD data or other intelligent CAD file formats are also acceptable.
  • Optionally, Eagle CAD .brd files.
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