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United Innovative Solutions – Parts Sourcing

It takes 16 hours to source parts for an average BOM. We can do it for you, and we can build sourcing into the schedule so you get your boards back faster.

UIS can source any parts and boards you need for your project through our network of trusted distribution partners. With our expertise and long-term partnerships, we can be confident the parts we source will work. This saves you time and money by getting it right the first time. If it doesn’t work, it’s on us. Guaranteed.

Our Distributors

UIS works with a network of the best U.S. electronics suppliers to source some or all of your parts kit.

  • Digikey
  • Mouser Electronics
  • Arrow Electronics
  • Avnet
  • Newark Element14

How it Works?

Because we have staff dedicated to parts sourcing, we’re able to handle complicated BOMs from multiple suppliers, saving you the hassle of multiple purchase orders and waiting for your parts before sending in your order. And since parts sourcing is our field of expertise, we remove much of the risk of ordering the wrong parts. United Innovative Solutions will make no unauthorized part substitutions or unsuitable part crosses.

Once you submit your order, we get to work sourcing your parts and boards, coordinating their delivery and inspecting and checking them in so we can start your assembly ASAP.

Have A Question?

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